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Hi! I'm BunchoBananas18, and I'm totally bananas for this wiki! I love creating new Shopkins and Shoppies.

The first digits of pi are 3.141592.(Do the number of letters in each word 'How I wish I could calculate pi')

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My pages

Shopkins/ Shoppies

Alpha-beth Soup

Cracker Jack

Banana Kayla (Shoppie)

Savannah Bananas

Jo-Anna Banana

Cora Cone (Shoppie)

Splittsy Sundae

Isole Snow Cone

Rosa Mary (the Shoppie)

Mona Mint


Corey Ander

Sicily Cilantro

Paris Parsley

Chloe Clove

Blaine Basil

Spot & Dot

Fay Flashlight

Crystal Shimmer

The Talent Squad

Theresa Theater (Shoppie)

Annie Anime (Shoppie)

Alizae Anime (Shoppie)

Astrid Anime (Shoppie)

Lana Language (Shoppie)

Connie Code (Shoppie)

Evangelina (Shoppie)

Tasha Talent (Shoppie)

Singer Starr (Shoppie)

Coming soon are...

5 new Shoppies for the Talent Squad!


Going Bananas!

The Shopville Chef Contest (Part One)

The Shopville Chef Contest (Part Two)

The Shopville Chef Contest (Part Three)

This Little Shopkin