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Taco Teena was the taco themed Shoppie. She was created by Fatihah. She is included in the Tacotte's Taco Food Truck playset.


Taco Teena - Taco Tuesday was Terrific!

She loves Taco Tuesday every week because tacos are tasty! She sometimes feel shy to other Shoppies and Shopkins, especially Suzie Sushi. Her BFFs, Taco Joe and Tacotte, loves her taco recipes every Taco Tuesday!

Favorite Hobby: Making tacos!

Your Shopkins BFF: Taco Joe and Tacotte

Favorite place to shop: Tacotte's Taco Food Truck


A taco-themed Shoppie with light skin, has tortilla brown hair ponytail with a taco hair pin. She wears a peanut brown dress with sparkles on her skirt. She wears shoes that are taco-themed, she wears a taco necklace with a silver chain and a taco, and she wears taco earrings. She has brown eyes.


She comes with Taco Joe and Tacotte, a bracelet. She also comes with a Shopkins Shop Toy called Tacotte's Taco Food Truck. Also, she also comes with a tawny brown taco-shaped perfume, mirror, and nail polish.


  • Taco Teena's artwork is given her dark brown skin, similar to Kirstea.
  • In her Season 4 design, she's given lemonade pink eyes.