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This is a fanmade Shoppie by WatermelonSunshine.


"Crack open a can - Sodanna is the life of the party. Her sparkly, sugary and bubbly personality makes you smile, and she's quick in her movements, especially on the dance floor. Her Shopkins™ BFF's Bonnie Bottle and Fizzy Izzy know she's sweet but she can't be like this all the time..."

Favorite Hobby: Dancing at parties!

Shopkins BFF's: Bonnie Bottle and Fizzy Izzy

Favorite Place to Shop: Sock Hop Soda Shoppe


Sodanna is a dark-skinned girl with a 50's soda shop-like appearance. She has her dark brown hair in a bob with a purple headband that has a bottle of soda decoration on it. The bottle is green. She wears a white top with a green collar and purple buttons, as well as a red & white (patterned with "swishes" like a Coca-Cola or Dr. Pepper can) skirt. She wears lacy white socks and red Mary-Janes.


  • Shopkins Bonnie Bottle and Fizzy Izzy
  • Soda can purse
  • Soda can hair brush