Shopkins Season 12 is Theme is Fairytales. There will be 3 waves, One released May 2019, October 2019 and February 2020, There will be special finishes

Wave 1 Shopkins

Goldilocks and The three bears

  • Patrica Porridge
  • Claire Chair
  • Fred Bed
  • Darcey Door
  • Polly Padlock
  • Kristina Key
  • Baby Bowl
  • Robby Ribbons
  • Georgina Gold
  • Allison Alarm Clock

Tin Soldier and Ballerina

  • Hella Helmet
  • Tina tutu
  • Toby TIcket
  • Tutu Cute
  • Bella Boots
  • Daisy Dance Shoes
  • Tippity Toes
  • Fiona Foghorn
  • Sam Soldier
  • Balletina

Red Riding Hood

  • Becky Basket
  • Fruity Pie
  • Bob Bone
  • Clara Cape
  • Riana Red Hood
  • Brianna Bows
  • Wingona Wig
  • Danielle Dress
  • Sally Skippity Shoes
  • Tommy Tree

The Little Mermaid

  • Pilina Potions
  • Vicky Voice
  • Shellie
  • Willow Wedding Dress
  • Bree Bouquet
  • Dainty Dingle Hopper
  • Bethany Blowie Thingie
  • Mellisa Mermaid Tail
  • Trina Triton

Wave 1 Playsets

  • The Three Bears House comes with Daisy Petals as Goldilocks, Peta Bear, Megan Bear, Brooklyn Bear, Shoppets. Gary Gold Bar and Louise Locks
  • The Coral Reef comes with Frusha Salad as Ariel, Faith Flounder Fish and Birdianna Shoppets. Mia Mermaid Tails and Tia Triton

Wave 1 Shoppies

  • Daisy Petals as Goldilocks Comes with The Three Bears House
  • Frusha Salad as Ariel Comes with The Coral Reef
  • Chip Choc as The Tin Soldier
  • Pirouetta as The Ballerina
  • Pippa Melon as Little Red Riding Hood

Wave 1 Shoppies Exclusive Shopkins

  • Daisy Petals, Gary Gold Bar and Louise Locks
  • Frusha Salad, Mia Mermaid Tails and Tia Trition
  • Chip Choc, Brittany Boots and Faith Fuzzy Hat
  • Pirouetta, Dannie Dance shoe, Rue Ribbons
  • Pippa Melon, Biana Basket, Cutie Tart

Wave 2 Shopkins

Hansel and Gretel

  • Candie House
  • Wandie Wig
  • Poorina Shoes
  • Buttons Baby
  • Ria Ribbons
  • Witchy Hat
  • Will Witch Dress
  • Sugar Lumps
  • Ginger Fred
  • Isla Icing


  • Ormellie Original Dress
  • Ivie Invitation
  • Pumpkiana
  • Mini Mouse
  • Lizard Lola
  • Clickity Clock
  • Tiffany Time Watch
  • Sallie Swing
  • Roxie Ring
  • Giselle Glass Slipper


  • Lori Lantern
  • Magicalina Carpet
  • Pearlina Pearl
  • Parrotina
  • Lancy Hat Fancy
  • Suit Sweet
  • Applina Fruit Tart
  • Tia Tea Cup
  • Lara Lamp
  • Wendy Wishies

Wave 2 Playsets

  • The Flower Garden comes with Makaella Wish, Pair of Slippers and Kristina Crown

Wave 2 Shoppies

  • Makaella Wish as Cinderella
  • Melodine as Gretel
  • Mikecrophone as Hansel
  • Jenni Lantern as Genie
  • Cocolette as Jasmine

Wave 2 Shoppies Exclusive Shopkins

  • Makaella Wish, Pair of Slippers and Kristina Crown
  • Melodine, Gingerina House and Pops Candy Drops
  • Mikecrophone, Cookieton House and Polly Sweet Lolly
  • Jenni Lantern, Louise Lamp, Clarissa Carpet
  • Cocolette, Jeweliana Jewels and Crystina Crystal

Wave 3 Shopkins

Snow White


Beauty and the Beast

Sleeping Beauty


Alice In Wonderland

Wave 3 Playsets

  • The Cutie Cottage comes with Crystal Snow as Snow White, Apple Blossom and Candice Cake
  • The Colourful Meadows comes with Pineapple Lily as Rapunzel, Petar Pan and Patrick Paint

Wave 3 Shoppies

  • Crystal Snow as Snow White
  • Pineapple Lily as Rapunzel
  • Sia Shells as Belle
  • Mackaroni as Beast
  • Mystabella as Aurora
  • Popette as Tinkerbell
  • Queenie Hearts as Iracebeth
  • Milly Mops as Mirana
  • Spaghetti Sue as Alice
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