Shopkins Pretty Cure (ショップキンズ プリキュア) is a japanese-american anime and the first installment in the Shopkins Pretty Cure series. It was inspired by Toei Animation's Pretty Cure series and was created by RainbowCakes4Life.


Jessicake was a normal girl until she and her family moved to the big city known as Shopville, after her first day at her new school, she finds a mysterious creature known as a Shopkin that came from the Kingdom of Shopland, which is in danger of being taken control of the Kingdom of Darkness, Later on, she encounters a monster known as a Grossery. The Shopkin, who introduces herself as Cherry Cake, appears again and gives her a Device known as a Sweet Shopkins Compact, and Jessicake uses it to transform into a superhero known as a Cure. Jessicake now has to find the Cures needed in order to rescue the Kingdom of Shopland. Will she, along with the Cures rescue the Kingdom?


Pretty Cures

Main Cures

  • Jessicake/Cure Cupcake - She is bright, smart, and sweet, but has a air-headed and stubborn side. She transforms into Cure Cupcake and uses the power of light.
  • Popette/Cure Popcorn - A hyperactive and friendly fangirl who loves to watch TV series and movies. She transforms into Cure Popcorn and uses the power of lightning and thunder.
  • Bubbleisha/Cure Bubblegum - She is a proud, tsundere type girl that adores attention, but is really a sweet and loyal girl. She transforms into Cure Bubblegum and uses the power of fire.
  • Peppa-Mint/Cure Ice Cream - A very shy, timid girl who is scared easily, but is very kind, intelligent, and is like a big sister. She transforms into Cure Ice Cream and uses the power of ice.
  • Donatina/Cure Donut - She is absent-minded and a little bit emotional, but super nice, creative, and a huge fashion lover. She transforms into Cure Donut and uses the power of wind.
  • Rainbow Kate/Cure Rainbow - A cheerful and funny student council president that can be a little bit of a perfectionist and loves parties. She transforms into Cure Rainbow and uses the power of rainbows.

Season 1 Major Cures

  • Pam Cake/Cure Pancake - She is energetic, athletic, and is early to any event, she can be a little lazy, though. She transforms into Cure Pancake and uses the power of sunshine.
  • Pineapple Lily/Cure Pineapple - A bright and warm girl, like the sun, but can be a little clumsy at times. She transforms into Cure Pineapple and uses the power of sunset.
  • Melodine/Cure Melody - She is a calm, soft-spoken, and kind girl, who is also a talented pianist. She transforms into Cure Melody and uses the power of music.

Season 2 Major Cures

  • Gemma Stone/Cure Gemstone - A cool, beautiful, and aloof girl with a kind heart. She transforms into Cure Gemstone and uses the power of jewels.
  • Kirstea/Cure Teacup - She is a ladylike and polite, but gentle and sweet British girl. She transforms into Cure Teacup and uses the power of Britain.
  • Tippy Teapot/Cure Teapot - A clever and playful British girl that like to make tea. She transforms into Cure Teapot and uses the power of Britain
  • Pirouetta/Cure Pirouette - She is a tough, yet caring girl that likes ballet. She transforms into Cure Pirouette and uses the power of ballet.
  • Lippy Lulu/Cure Lipstick - A bossy, yet modest makeup stylist, who loves to do everyone's makeup. She transforms into Cure Lipstick and uses the power of beauty.
  • Lucy Smoothie/Cure Smoothie - She is cheeky and sassy, but charismatic and has a good sense of humor. She transforms into Cure Smoothie and uses the power of laughter.
  • Daisy Petals/Cure Daisy - A gentle, pure-hearted, and innocent girl that likes to nap, mostly in flowerbeds. She transforms into Cure Daisy and uses the power of innocence.
  • Cocolette/Cure Chocolate - She is airy, kind, and loves to daydream. She transforms into Cure Chocolate and uses the power of kindness.
  • Polli Polish/Cure Nail Polish - A sharp-tongued and loyal girl, she likes to do nail art. She transforms into Cure Nail Polish and uses the power of loyalty.

Season 3 Major Cures

  • Pretti Pressie/Cure Present - A happy and unpredictable girl who has a habit of being late to class. She transforms into Cure Present and uses the power of surprises.
  • Bridie/Cure Bride - She is loving, but a little bit dramatic. She also is a little boy crazy, constantly thinking about love. She transforms into Cure Bride and uses the power of love.
  • Rosie Bloom/Cure Rose - A hopeless romantic who can be a little bit hot-blooded at times. She is also the president of the gardening club at school. She transforms into Cure Rose and uses the power of flowers.
  • Tiara Sparkles/Cure Princess - She has a heart of gold, besides her snobby nature. She comes from a rich family and is even rumored to come from royalty. She transforms into Cure Princess and uses the power of royalty.


  • Cure Vinetta
  • Demon Queen
  • Grosseries


The mascots are all Shopkins.

Main Mascots

  • Cherry Cake
  • Polly Popcorn
  • Gumball Gabby
  • Carla Cone
  • Rolly Donut
  • Raylene Rainbow

Season 1 Major Mascots

  • Kyla Crepe
  • Pinelope Crush
  • Baby Grand

Season 2 Major Mascots

  • Tessa Teacup
  • Sweet T. Pot
  • Frilly Tutu
  • Marcee Makeup Bag
  • Natalie Nail Polish
  • Maisy Daisy
  • Ruthie Smoothie
  • Roxy Chock Block

Season 3 Major Mascots

  • Winona Wedding Cake
  • Jewel E. Crown
  • Rosa Basket
  • Gracie Gifts


  • Sweet Shopkins Compact
  • Dream Charms
  • Dream Chest
  • Sweet Dream Wand
  • Happiness Communicator


  • Shopville
  • Shopville Academy
  • Kingdom of Shopland
  • Kingdom of Darkness
  • Sweet Dream Realm



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