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Shopkins Go to Wilby Part 1

Shopkins Go to Wilby part 1 is the first episode for season 19 cartoon series.


  • Cheeky Chocolate
  • Apple Blossom
  • Victorian Housey
  • Gren and Blac Bin
  • Kingsley Crown (on the phone and a cameo)
  • Stagey Coach (cameo)
  • Top Table (cameo)


  • Jessicake (Season 8 Makeover)


When Apple Blossom and Cheeky Chocolate get called by Kingsley Crown to visit the UK and meet him in Wilby, they bring their friends Victorian Housey and Gren and Blac Bin with them.


Apple Blossom: What a wonderful day in Shopville! The Sun is shining, the birds are chirping! and... *phone rings*, Huh, Kingsley wants me Cheeky!

*Cheeky runs to Apple Blossom*

Cheeky Chocolate: I'll talk to him Apple, *To Kingsley* Hello? Oh of course we will come there It will be awesome! Do you mind if we bring Victorian Housey and Gren and Blac Bin? Oh okay, Bye!

Apple Blossom: OMG! What did he say?

Cheeky Chocolate:.... WERE GOING TO WILBY IN THE UK!

Apple Blossom: So we're bringing Victorian Housey and Gren and Blac Bin???

Cheeky Chocolate: Yes, we are. Besides, I'll get them.

Victorian Housey: Wilby? WILBY? OMG I LOVE THAT PLACE!

Gren and Blac Bin: We do too!

*To be continued...*


  • The song at the end is the Shopkins Chef Club theme song, It was mistakenly put in the episode. This also happens in Shopkins in Japan Part 1
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  • Top Table was shown when they entered a house in Wilby in the living room, This character might be a cameo.
  • What Apple Blossom said in the beginning was what she said in Shopkins Bring Europe to Jessicake Part 1.
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