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Penny Pizza is the pizza-themed Shoppie. She is created by Elena155.


Penny Pizza - Easy Cheesey!

She loves to make pizzas in her restaurant with her two Shopkins BFFs, Pizzaella and Pizzatina. Her friends like her homemade Hawaiian pizzas and veggie pizzas. She always cleans up her restaurant and opens up her restaurant on Sundays!

Favorite Hobby: Cooking cheesey pizzas!

Your Shopkins BFF: Pizzaella & Pizzatina

Favorite place to shop: Penny Pizza's Pizza Restaurant


She has lighter yellow hair with twin ponytails and wears a pizza pie-shaped hat. She has dark yellow eyes and wears a necklace with a pizza on it. She also wears a pizza-themed outfit, shoes, and red lipstick.


She comes with a pizza-shaped comb and mirror. She even has a yellow doll stand, and a yellow scooter. She also comes with two exclusive Shopkins, Pizzaella and Pizzatina.


  • Her hat is very removable.
  • She is the second Shoppie with a pizza theme. The other Shoppie being Polly Pizza.