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Muffinella is a fanmade shoppie. Her theme is muffins. She was created by ShopkinsAddict.


Muffinella: Bake up the fun!

Berry happy and sweet as can be, Muffinella loves to start the day in the most wholesome way! She loves to be with her friends any time she can. She can sometimes cook up trouble, but her friends know it will cool down in a snap!

Favorite place to shop: The Marvelous Muffin House


Muffinella has light brown hair that fades into blonde, and she is wearing it down with two braids that join behind her head. She has a muffin-themed headband. She has fair skin. Her top is light brown with blue polka dots, and her blue skirt resembles a muffin liner. Her shoes have muffin heels. Her eyes are a medium blue color. Her shopkins BFFs are Berry Muffin and Muffin Mary.


She is related to Jessicake

Her name is similar to the shopkins Pumpkinella