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Liam Lemon-Lime is an Ultra-Rare Beverages Shopkin from Fanmade Season 3. He was created by WatermelonSunshine.


Favorite Hobby:

Chilling with Doris

Your friends would describe you as...

Bubbly and a bit sour. Did I mention I'm also a gamer?

Your Shopkins BFF:


Where do you hang out?

The beverage aisle


Liam is a bottle of chartreuse lemon-lime soda with a green label and lid as well as an open mouth.

His variant is a light green bottle of lemon-lime soda with a bluish-green label and lid.

Both colors glow in the dark.


  • Doris being his BFF is a reference to the snack combo of Doritos and Mountain Dew, popularized by MLG.