Fanmade Season 13 is set to be released on May 18th, 2018. It has a fashion frenzy theme. Season 2 and 3 of the Fashion Spree was released along with Season 13, the Limited Edition being a bling Shady and Prommy. Food Fair season three was also released, the Limited Edition being a bling Rainbow Bite.

There will be 6 new Shoppies, 4 with the Fashion Frenzy theme (Milly Mascara, Lacy Lips, Bethany Boots, and Candice Creme) and two other Shoppies, Cadence Croissant, and Jessica Jell-O's Jell-O Joys.


Grab a friend and head to the mall! The Fashion Frenzy Shopkins are now in store for Season Thirteen! From Winter Wear to Summer Styles, there is so much to explore! If you're lucky, you could find a Limited Edition Glimmering Gala Shopkin! So what are you waiting for? It's fashion frenzy time!


  • Winter Wear
  • Spring Fling
  • Summer Styles
  • Fall Fashions
  • Jewel-Tastic Jewelry
  • Party Pizzaz
  • Sweet Sleepover
  • Awesome Athletics
  • Dance Divas (Special Editions with shiny satin finish)
  • Glimmering Gala (Limited Editions with heavy glitter finish)
  • Ultra Rares are split up in the teams and have a fuzzy finish.


Winter Wear

Spring Fling

Summer Styles

  • Thomas Tee
  • Summer Bathing Suit
  • Sonny Glasses
  • Beachy Tote
  • Pippa Flip-Flop
  • Breezy Dress
  • Shade E. Hat
  • Lil' Shorts
  • Camila Cover-Up (Ultra rare)
  • Bonnie Baseball Cap

Fall Fashions

  • Samantha Scarf
  • Evan Earmuffs
  • Scotty Pants
  • Sabastion Sweatpants
  • Steven Sweatshirt
  • Caterina Cardigan
  • Fuz Z. Jacket
  • Daphne Denim Dress
  • Anna Ankle Boot (Ultra Rare)
  • Kimora Kimono

Jewel-Tastic Jewelry

  • Emily Earring
  • Nora Necklace
  • Riley Ring
  • Tick Tock Watch
  • Bonita Bracelets
  • Ruby Ring
  • Bethany Brooch
  • Teeny Charm
  • Roxy Ring Box (Ultra rare)
  • Becky Bracelet

Party Pizzaz

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