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Cher & Rie are two Shopkins in one (like Mixie & Maxie) from Fanmade Season 1's Fruit & Veg team. They were created by WatermelonSunshine.


Your favorite hobby:

I love eating ice cream, but my sister Rie likes cheerleading!

Your friends would describe you as...

We're a couple of cheery cherries who are inseparable! (Cher) We always finish each other's sentences, as well... (Rie) because great minds think alike!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Mixie & Maxie

Where do you hang out?

The Fruit & Veg section.


Cher & Rie are twin red cherries joined by a green stem. Cher's tongue is sticking out while Rie is winking.

Their variant makes them dark purple, having them represent black cherries.

A pink and yellow version of them is included with the Farmer's Market playset.