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Burri-ta was a Shoppie with a burrito theme. She was included in the Buttercup Burrito's Burrito Factory playset. She is created by PokemonPrincess670.


Burri-ta - Yummy and Good!

She is full of good luck, happiness, and gentleness. She loves to help her two Shopkins BFFs, Buttercup Burrito and Brittany Burrito cook burritos at the burrito factory!

Favorite Hobby: Rolling up burrito tortillas!

Your Shopkins BFF: Buttercup Burrito & Bella Burrito

Favorite place to shop:Burri-ta's Burrito Factory.


She has tanned skin with a burrito-themed headband on her blonde hair with two buns. She wears a tortilla-colored dress with a burrito-themed skirt. Burri-ta also wears a light yellow bracelet and a pair of burrito-shaped earrings.


She comes with two exclusive Shopkins, Buttercup Burrito and Brittany Burrito. She also has her VIP card, a clear doll stand, a burrito-shaped comb, and a burrito-shaped mirror.


  • As a doll, her headband is removable.
  • In some artwork, she has no headband.